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My 20 filters disappeared!!
I created a brand new subfilter on one of my filters 4 hours ago but when i went to make some more edits i saw that all my filters were gone! :o

I never stored any back ups so there is nothing for me to restore to.  Is there any way for me to recover all my filters?
Its like a cruel joke.  I redid my filters but thebat crashed and they are gone again.  I even saved a copy of accounts.srb and put them in a back up folder then replaced it and they still dont come back.

Edit:  I found a solution.  If you go to sorting/filters for the account then click File at the top you'll see "Restore Filters" in the drop down menu. All your filters will reappear in a new folder called "Orphan filters" From here you'll have to move them back to the folder you want them in and your subfilters will become just regular filters so you'll have to reassign them to the superfilter too.
Edited: Jwerano Jackman - 22 October 2009 09:52:34
The bat has crashed on me 4 times today deleting my filters each time.  I hope there's a better solution than the one i found on my own because it takes too much time to set everything up again.

When the bat crashed on me in the past i didnt lose my filters.  It only started just now for some reason.
Create your filters and close TB, don't wait till it crashes but close it immediately when your filters are done.
Copy the account.srb for the account you made filters. Your config has multiple account.srb files, one in the mail directory for the common filters and one in every account directory. So it's important to create the right file.
When TB crashes and you lose your filters again, copy the account.srb while TB is closed.
That TB crashes so often means that something is wrong, either with your TB config, some drivers or less than great interaction between some piece of software (virus scanner, firewall, whatever) and TB.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
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