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How to copy account filters & folders into new email accounts?, I'm doing them manually now and it's a lot of work.
So the problem is, I need to add new email accounts on a somewhat frequent basis. But every time I add another email account, I have to re-create the folders AND setup the same filters manually.

Right now, I have to create 4 extra folders and setup individual filters for each folder *every time* I add a new email account.

This is really tedious. How do I do copy them from existing email accounts?

Thanks in advance!
AFAIK It's not possible to copy folders

It is possible to copy and paste filters with Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V from the sorting office (only one at a time), it might be necessary to alter the target folder manually.
You might check whether common filters are a solution for you, that way you'll only have to add your new accounts to your filters.
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