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Selective download question, Load signal strings from file - how it works?
I want to directly delete from the server(pop3) the messages which From: or Subject: lines contain certain strings - without first downloading the messages.
(like if the subject contains Rolex or Viagra or Loan - delete the message)
I do not use any anti-spam plugin, and do not want to.

What's the simpliest way to do this?
In the Sorting Office|Selective download - 'Actions' tab, there is a 'Load signal strings from file' option. How to use it? What format this file should have - each entry on a new line, comma separation, something else?
If I create a 'signal strings' text file having 3 lines:
and select 'Kill' as an action, will this delete any email containing any of the above 3 words in the headers?

What should I enter in the General tab|Conditions then?

Can I have regexps in 'signal strings' file, just simple fixed strings, or both mixed ?
Will it match only words, or whatever substrings (like will rolex match also rolexXX)?


This is a great program, no doubt, but the help greatly sucks too.
In many cases I have to experiment to see how something behaves, when this can be clearly explained in 2-3 sentences. The awful help is sort of a trademark for TB since v.1.x, and I guess this discourages many trial users to purchase it.
Your could try using a product called mailwasher to do this.
see Mailwasher

Best regards,
Mark Empson
Thank you Mark!
But as I see, this app just retrieves the message headers and deletes what seems to be spam based on some user-defined rules.
I think TB can do the same, so don't see a reason to use another program. Just it's not clear for me how to configure TB to do it.
Like bigg one, I'd also like to learn more about how the "Load signal strings from file" option.

I couldn't find much details on this feature in the official documentation:
To add conditions from a text file, use the "Load signal strings from the file" option. This file can be created in any text editor; strings (conditions) should be separated with paragraphs. If you already have a black list, simply add it to the filter.

It's not clear how the signal strings are going to be employed by TB — a filter can have multiple conditions, is the file going to be associated with a specific condition? Can a different file be assigned to each individual condition in the filter?

Is it possible to externalize the actual conditions to this file (i.e. building complex conditions, just like in TB user interface), or is it just a list of strings to be fed to the filter(s)? Are RegEx supported in this file?

Without this information the feature isn't really accessible.

Can the support team explain how to use it, and maybe update the documentation with some further details and a practical example?

My understanding has always been that it is a simple list of key words or key phrases (one string per line) that The Bat will search the message for. If a phrase is found, the filtering condition matches.

The suggestion (from the Help) that the external file contains 'conditions' seems wrong; it only contains criteria.

I see no reason to believe that Regex is supported here. But you could try if you want to know for sure.
I volunteer as a moderator to help keep the forum tidy. I do not work for Ritlabs SRL.
or you could try
I have been using this program since 2007 and it works fine.

AS for the bat technical support - I have had good experiences with both the real support area (open a ticket) and the forums. Sure sometimes it  takes a few back and forth messages but in the end they have never let me down.
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