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Selective download question, Load signal strings from file - how it works?
I want to directly delete from the server(pop3) the messages which From: or Subject: lines contain certain strings - without first downloading the messages.
(like if the subject contains Rolex or Viagra or Loan - delete the message)
I do not use any anti-spam plugin, and do not want to.

What's the simpliest way to do this?
In the Sorting Office|Selective download - 'Actions' tab, there is a 'Load signal strings from file' option. How to use it? What format this file should have - each entry on a new line, comma separation, something else?
If I create a 'signal strings' text file having 3 lines:
and select 'Kill' as an action, will this delete any email containing any of the above 3 words in the headers?

What should I enter in the General tab|Conditions then?

Can I have regexps in 'signal strings' file, just simple fixed strings, or both mixed ?
Will it match only words, or whatever substrings (like will rolex match also rolexXX)?


This is a great program, no doubt, but the help greatly sucks too.
In many cases I have to experiment to see how something behaves, when this can be clearly explained in 2-3 sentences. The awful help is sort of a trademark for TB since v.1.x, and I guess this discourages many trial users to purchase it.
Your could try using a product called mailwasher to do this.
see Mailwasher

Best regards,
Mark Empson
Thank you Mark!
But as I see, this app just retrieves the message headers and deletes what seems to be spam based on some user-defined rules.
I think TB can do the same, so don't see a reason to use another program. Just it's not clear for me how to configure TB to do it.
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