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Why isn't THIS filter working, I'm trying to get this to fly and its not...
Okay so I have a filter setup

"message attributes is with attachments"

Action: Move to the _____ folder.

My Goal: Any message with an attachment is sent to a particular folder & dealt with from there.

I send myself attachments from other emails, and it just sits in the inbox.

Do I have this filter wrong?

One Note: I do have IMAP setup cause I"m using fastmail, not sure how thats affecting things.

I'm "subscribed" to my imap folders, but I haven't selected "synchonized" because the default is not and other filters seem to be working like this

Just found this somewhere

"If a message contains an attachment, that attachment is not downloaded with the body of the message.  Instead, an icon for that attachment is displayed within the email and may be downloaded at the convenience of the user."

Maybe thats the problem. It doesn't pick up that its an attachment cause its not downloaded....damn.
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