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How to "re-filter" automatically???
Ok so you know how you can right click on a box or folder, like the inbox,  and click "re-filter" and it'll refilter right?

Well how do I get that to happen automatically.

This is what I'm doing. 1 account I have a bunch of different filters and it organizes my messages into about 20 different folders.  Each of those folders then move the message to a different account (yes moves it to 20 different accounts).

It places the messages in the inbox.  THen they just sit there, forever, even though I have those 20 mailboxes "checking mail" every 20 minutes and auto replying...the messages that were moved to there just sit there until I have to manually right click on each of those 20 inboxes and click re-filter in order for the messages to filter and auto reply.  Anyway it can "re-filter" automatically?

I NEED these messages organized first in 20 different folders then transfered to 20 different accounts, so please don't suggest for me to organize them in a different way.

also I can not use the redirect feature as it uses up my email limits and I don't have much of a limit to begin with.

any other suggestions would be great tho.
Try to make a common, manual-only filter triggered by a hotkey (see Options tab, you may have to tick 'Check messages against...)
This may re-filter all the accounts at once, although I don't use such filters and can't be sure.

Indeed I can't resist suggesting to organize all this in a different way  :D
Not sure what email limits you mean, but you can send messages fr om one theBat account through different smtp servers. So if it's a lim it for sending, you don't need to sort messages to different accounts and then send from there (you still need the accounts to keep smtp data, but messages don't have to go to these accounts)
Just like bigg one I can't imagine that there wouldn't be a better way to organize your filtering needs, nor can I imagine any reason to stick to an ISP that limits the number of messages you can send.
However, you want to refilter your inboxes automatically.
That's easy, create an event (for the best result you might want to create 20 events, one for every account) that occurs every 20 minutes and set it to automatically filter a (number of) folder(s). You need to select the filters you want to use for these filter actions.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
thank you so much for yalls help! :)

You know, most time in forums people are jerks. :)

i did think about getting another smtp account, but it would be expensive the limit id need and already have 3. i do a lot of mailing lol

but ya basically all my email comes into 1 email address (its a catch all).  i then have filters filtering by city keywords and then putting them in a folder.  so folders are like seperating cities. then each "city folder" is forwarded to its own "city account" lol. then the city account sends out automated reply.  in other words, each city gets a differnt automated reply which is why i have to have diff accounts.  its not cuz of the limit.

the main "catch all" has a limit which is why it wouldnt be able to "redirect" the messages, cuz it would go over its limit (which is only 500 per hour).

and I actually will have probably 120 when im done.  but anyway thats why they have to all be filtered out into diff accounts.

i think ill try the event thing. i have no idea where to find "event" settings or anything like that,. but i will try and look. thanks :)

ill post back if i cant find it.

thanks again though to both of you :) some really good info.
Events can be created in the scheduler:
Tools -> Scheduler
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
isnt the real problem that the filters dont work automatically as they should? is there a fix for this? it seems strange that one has to create a work around to get the filters to work as they should.
The shouldn't work automatically, because the messages that should be filtered aren't incoming messages, but merely messages that have been moved/copied into the account.
When you move a message manually to the inbox you don't expect it to be processed bij the incoming filters, so you shouldn't expect that when you move messsages to the inbox with another filter.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
Address capture doesnt work even if its a new incoming message. v4 works fine with filters but everything else on v4 sucks. Is it because i am using win 7? is there a linux version or something that actually works?
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