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Filters and Quick Templates, How to use this two power tools together in the Bat?
Dear TB Power Users,

I've a question, is it possible to use Filters and Quick Templates together?

I've a Quick template with some code in it that extracts the E-mail adress
from the message and adds some forms like that:


Of course I'm launching this code every time with a code manually.

Now I would like to implement this in a filter that puts the message
in the OutBox ready to be sent.

Is something like that possible?

should be possible, if I correctly understand.
Make a filter with an action 'Create a formatted message' or 'Send automatic reply'.
You should set a template for the generated messages, where you may put your code.
It was that easy ....  :evil:

I tried it before to use the 'Creat a formatted message' option but
I got half the result = the original message wasn't copied. Right
now I recognized I can use the %TEXT macro to add it.

Thank you for your help
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