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HTML in templates, Coming soon?

I've just downloaded the Pro version and am testing it to see if it is suitable to use on our company computers.

We currently use Thunderbird, which has a good template feature. Basically it is a folder in itself, you click on the email you have created and saved as a template and then you simply insert the email address and click send.

It allows for bold text etc.

I have looked through the forum and now know that TB does not support HTML in its templates. Given this a primary feature of what we are looking for, is this something you will incorporate in TB anytime soon?

TB came highly recommended to me from a trusted friend who has been using this email client since about 1999/2000. So far we are really impressed too! Loads of excellent features, I hope you can do something about the HTML thing in templates soon! Can you let us know if anything is in the pipeline? : )

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