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How to use a newline character in a template
I'm working on this print template (numbered here for reference):

1 To: %TOlist
2 %IF:%CClist<>"":"cc: "%CClist
4 Subject: %SUBJ
5 Date: %ODATE

The problem here is that line 2 shows as a blank line if no cc: addresses exist.  Mashing in the regex character '\n' just for illustration, this is what I'm aiming for:

1 To: %TOlist %IF:%CClist<>"":"\ncc: "%CClist
3 Subject: %SUBJ
4 Date: %ODATE

Is there some variable I can use in place of '\n', or some other way to handle this?

Many thanks for any suggestions!
Try this:

To: %TOlist %IF:%CClist<>"":"
cc: "%CClist
Subject: %SUBJ
Date: %ODATE
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Isn't the macro %NEWLINE what you need? It has an optional parameter to return the number of emply lines, e.g. %NEWLINE(5) or %NEWLINE="5" returns 5 empty lines.
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