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TheBat do not use modified template
Version of TheBat is 6.6 (and today I installed 6.7.2, but problem is same).

Few weeks ago I defined HTML template for New, Reply, Forward.
Yesterday I modified template for "New mails" and found a problem.

TheBat saves new template, but when I select "Create a New Message" it uses old template (like it store it in some cache). So new template is saved, I can open it and edit, but it is not used for New Mail.

If I change active account (in status line of "Edit mail message" window) to some other, and then return back I got new, correct template.

It is interesting that I can change other templates (Reply, Forward), I found problem only in template for New mail.

Any idea how to fix this problem?
I have got the answer from TheBat helpdesk (thanks, it was fast).

Here it is if someone else needs it:

So, you are using the templates for the folder "Inbox". As we have indicated above, the hierarchy/priority is as follows:
1. address book contact template;
2. address book group template;
3. folder template;
4. account template.

When you push the button "Create new message" and the folder "Inbox" is chosen, the folder's template is used in this case.

If you choose another folder from the list of folders of your account and push the button "Create new message", the template of the account will be used
Thank you, I also need this solution .
Tri Wahyudi
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