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I WILL PAY FOR Forwarding e-mails with specific changes in "from" and "reply to" fields
I am willing to pay for someone who will find a solution for my problem.  I will try to explain this on the example below:

1. I receive an e-mail  from a company which is already forwarding messages from my clients:

- from:  reply-to:

2. i want to forward this message to my another mail account so the field "from" will have my client adress

so on my another mail i will receive message with field from:

Is it possible on the bat?
Edited: Kamil Muras - 19 April 2016 13:59:44
I think you set up a template for this - there are macro commands that set the headers etc, and variables you can use to query stuff, then you set up an incoming rule to use that template
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