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Adding a Logo to a Template
I've experimented with various macros in attempting to add a logo graphic (.gif or .jpg) to a template. They always end up as attachments- not as part of the message body as intended. Has anyone had success with this? Thanks.

This is mostly about templates being for text messages. Text message bodies cannot contain non-text files.
I would also be most interested in being able to join a logo to my templates / signature

that would be great.

R a d
It's not possible.

Only HTML messages can contain embedded graphics. And those are not something I am prepared to condone ;)

HTML message templates (neeed to handle logos in sigs) are currently not very well supported in The Bat!, but hopefully this will improve over time. The Bat! is being continually developed.

I recommend that you experiment with ASCII art and layout to work up an attractive signature.
I also tried all possibilities to put in the jpg or pre-made html template into all of my new messages but that is not possible, and that is one of big mistakes made, because all of the other software has very very good support for that. Should that be soon implemented or we should look for another alternative?
The Bat! is being continually developed. It's up to you whether or not you wait for that feature to come.

From my POV, adding the overhead of a logo to every email by template (and even HTML) is unnacceptable. I do understand that many people believe it's a nice thing to have. Some other even go as far as believing it to be a necessity.

I don't think "all other software" has good support. Many do. Many don't. Many people (myself included) don't think it's a feature worth having. I accept that you do.

I can't speak for the developers  and don't know whether or when such a feature might be introduced.
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