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Address-book fields
I have some information that I want to include in a mass mailing, so I've put the items into some address-book fields.  I found that some fields, like %ABToAddr, %ABToCity, %ABToFirstName, %ABToLastName, and so on, worked fine, but some others, like %ABToJob and %ABToMiddleName didn't--they just seem to be blank.

I've played around with this most of the day, getting increasingly frustrated.  I'm working in a separate address book, which I've created by importing tab-separated values, and I can see in the address item properties that what I want is there.

Just now, after much importing, exporting in LDIF and re-importing, and otherwise trying to get the address book fields right, when I send a mass mailing via quick template, sometimes even the fields that worked earlier aren't working now (i.e., showing as blank).  Furthermore, the output sometimes seems to be working on information from the same e-mail address in a completely separate address book!

What's going on?  Os there some sort of single database for all address books?  Is there something chached that I can clean up?  Are there some %ABnnnPPP fields that are known not to work?  Help!  Thanks.  --Howard
I've never heard about fields that aren't accessible in this way. However the most common way to have these kind of things malfunctioning (sometimes in very unpredictable ways) is by having multiple entries for the same address.
That you're using multiple address books isn't helping in this case, because that's making it more difficult to find those duplicate entries and it makes it more probable that you actually have got those duplicate entries.
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