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Voyager and TB 3.0 and Quick Templates, Problem when sync. Quick templates desapear
At the begining I tought was my imagination, but then after many tests I confir:
when you sync from voyager to TB3, the Quick Templates are erased.

I create many Quick Templates on TB.
Did the sync to voyager.
The templates are not tranfered.
Then I sync back from Voyager.
The templates on TB are deleted.

Is there any way to:
1) move the templates from TB to Voyager?
2) not delete in TB when synking from Voyager?

Thank you
When you're using the same password for TB and Voyager you could try to replace the account.etn files in the account directories.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
So per your idea, it will solve the question number 1 right?

Then is there any thing I can do to prevent the template deletion when doing the Sync?
I do the Sync every day, so I'm not sure if I can uncheck one of those options so the templates will not get erased on TB.

Thank you
I don't know about syncing TB and Voyager, I thought that couldn't be done properly at all. (Though I must admit that deleting the quick templates is far from proper.)
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
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