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Sender From Inbox, Retrieve Sender Mail Id From Inbox
I am writing an application that checks for the mail client installed on the system and reads their inbox file to retrieve the sender's email address in order to create an auto spam whitelist. while working on The Bat!, i was unable to get any kind of information on api's or sdk or any other help by which i can read mails in the inbox file and then extract the sender from it. so if anyone can please suggest me a way on how to understand the The Bat! inbox file.  
The Bat! has two message base formats, the first format (with the .tbb extension) is plain text and can be read easily.
The second format is using OTFE (On The Fly Encryption) and the essence of an encrypted message base is that you don't allow other programs to decode that.
My suggestion would be to go for the plain text format only.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
I know about the meesage base format(tbb files) but my real problem is that these files can be really bulky as they store the complete mail and hence it's not feasible to load the complete mail into buffer or do file I/O with some small chunks. this will take time and hence will slow down the procedure. that's why i need to ask is there any kind of api's that can be used to iterate through the mails and work upon one mail at a time
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