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Auto Backup - Feature Request, Allow %DATE Macro in File Name
When managing/preparing for possible disaster recovery, it would be extremely beneficial if the BAT
Auto Backup allowed for full backups to a different file each time.

One way to achieve this would be if The BAT allowed the use of the %DATE macro when choosing a dir and file name in the Auto Backup options.

IE.. D:\Bat_Backups\JSmith_Bat_BU_%DATE="d-m-yy".tbk

This would produce a backup file that includes the date in the file name.


This would allow the user to choose a point in time for full recovery.


I didn't try this with the new auto backup feature, but what you're describing is how I've been using the scheduler with the regular backup action for ages.
I've been using this as backup file since forever:
D:\Mijn Backups\The Bat!\%Date="YYYYMMDD".tbk
I don't know whether the auto backup feature supports this format, but the regular backup does.
So I guess that might be an option for you.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.

I have been using the regular backup this way as well.

But the Auto Backup does not support this.

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