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Cyrillic to Latin, How to use macro to switch from Cyrillic to Latin
I use both Cyrillic and Latin in my everyday communication. For the same people sometimes I send emails in Latin (L) and other times in Cyrillic ©. I have created quick templates and macros that make an ellegant solution to my problems, but one problem rermains:
How to set a macro to change C. names in headers?

My new message macro is in C. by default. If I want to switch to L. I use a quick template that changes everything but the receipient's name. It remains in C. and therefore in wrong encoding, since the encoding is changed by quick template as well.
The only way I can think for you to do this is to hide the Latic (or Cyrillic) version of the name in an alternative field in the address book and the let your switching macros change the realname in the To: headers.

Use something like %TO=''%TO='%ABTOFAX <%TOADDR>'
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