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HTML Template???, I want to have bold text in my template..
Hello, I want to have a signature in bold text in my "new" template. I could that before with previous version of the bat, by writing HTML Code into the "template" but now it doesn't work. It just appears Hawk I mean it doesn't take the HTML Tag as Tag but as text...

Is there another way of make an HTML Template for new mails?? Well, many thanks to anyone that could help...
The previous message should say < b > Hawk < / b > (This forum, the contrary as The Bat, takes the HTML Tag as a tag...  :D  
Currently, although TB will allow HTML message presentation, it has no support for HTML templates as yet.
Is there any target milestone for HTML templates? It would be great.
Considering the ammount of people asking for it  8)

Someone at Ritlabs seems to HATE HTML sigs..

Why bother with..

[*] Folder properties re-design
[*] 'Sorting office' re-design

?? Who cares ?

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