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exporting / importing templates between accounts
is it somehow possible to export/import Folder Templates without using Copy&Paste?
I need to apply a lot of folder templates of a folder structure to a new folder structure (which has the same layout).
Any help would be highly appreciated!

p.s.: i recently posted this in the german forum.
When you've got two identical accounts, you could try this:
Close TB
Copy the file account.flb from the account directory of the account with all templates to the other account
Open TB
In days past this even created folders missing in the target account, but it's quite some time ago that I tried this.

Just to be sure, copy the account.flb file from the second account to somewhere else or rename it to account.flb.old before overwriting it.

When you're using an encrypted message base, the file you need is called account.efb
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
i'm afraid that won't work.
the old account is a pop3 account with the folders being local while the new account is an imap account with the folders under a different namespace, not even the inbox...
i'll try to play with the templates.flb but i don't know if that will help...
i'm still hungry for more help :)
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