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HTML templates problem: font-family field is empty
Dear The Bat! developers,
I have a problem with HTML Templates:
I have created HTML template (with different text fonts, sizes and colors), when creating new message based on this template fonts are ok, but after SENDING this message or saving draft message into Outbox, information about FONT is LOST and message is not formatted the way I need. When opening html message file in text editor, I can see that all "font-family:'';" font fields are empty, instead "font-size: 9pt" and "color" fields are ok.
This problem started in current version 4.2.18, please help, because I cannot rollback to old version.
it is reported in official bugtraq system, so developers already know about it.
I have this problem too.
Is there a way to rollback to a previous version?
I have tried but without any results.

Please help!
I managed to roll back to old version. The best one with working HTML templates is
Rollback I managed to make by extracting (with lessmsi tool - ) thebat.exe from older The Bat! v4.2.10.1 MSI archive, which you can find here - and finally replacing current thebat.exe with older extracted thebat.exe.
Everything is working few days already :)
And I also disabled update notifications :)
Hope this helps...
Edited: andr1z - 13 January 2010 15:02:07
Dear andr1z,

Thank you very much for your precious informations!
I have followed what you suggeted me and everythings now work very well again!

Have a nice 2010!

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