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Images not showing in Quick Template
I'm making a quick template for mass mailing and i've inserted images but they don't show at all when I go to send the quick template. When i'm sending the message I have the message format set to HTML and all of my other formatting is correct...but the images don't show. I read somewhere that I have to save the whole thing as an attachment and use the %SETHEADER macro? That seems sort of ridiculous if that's true. Can someone please let me know how to do this?
In the quick template, click 'Format' and check 'HTML (Rich Text)' before inserting your template image/s. ;)

By default, 'Plain Text' is checked instead of 'HTML (Rich Text)
I already did missed the point of my question. The template is formatted in the Quick Template window as it should be. All formatting and images display properly in the quick template window. But when i go to ins ert the template into a message it doesn't show any of the embedded images, only the formatted html text. I have the message format se t to html as well....

I suspect that the image/s that you've inserted/pasted onto your 'Quick template' might be missing from the original directory. :(
If you mean the directory where the images are located...they are there. This really makes absolutely no sense to me....surely there must be a way to have embedded images show in the message view when sending an email
I, myself had exactly the same problem. At the moment, I'm able to set an animated .gif permanently as my signature. Hope your issue, too is resolved soon. :)
so can i ask what you did, that i'm not doing correctly?
Did you receive my PM?
yes i responded, thanx :)
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