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Send to Email List with 60 delay between each email?
I currently have a large list of emails to which I need to send. BUT, I need to have be able to set a delay between each email being sent (say 60 seconds). Is this possible?

Can I import my file of emails and have TheBat send to each email in the file 1 by 1 with a delay in between? Please let me know, i'm dying to get this finished...but my previous setup doesn't allow the sending of HTML formatted emails so I have to use TheBat. I hope this is possible  :|

Edited: Soul Power - 05 May 2010 22:49:35 (spelling)
I've got similar question. I've got address book with 100 mails. I can't send all of them at once because mail is rejected by mail
service provider (probably qualified as a spam because of teh number of the recipients).

When I send same mail manually to first 15 addresses, wait 20 minutes, send the same mail to addresses 16-30, wait 20 minutes, send mail to addresses 31-45 and so on...  it all ok. But it takes time and it's inefficient

How can I make this automatic?

Thank you for all help
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