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Command line arguments and external control
I have never used or installed BAT, but, I was asked to create a macro and control it from (OOo) from a person that is not "programming technical".

The desired behavior on his windows computer (I have Linux) is to:

In OOo export the current document as a PDF.
Open BAT with the exported document set as an attachment.

The user will enter the to email address, the message, and the title after BAT is open.

is there a list of command line arguments that I can look at so that perhaps I can simply execute a command that causes BAT to open a new message with an attachment, but not send the message?

Note that I did succeed in telling BAT to send a message with an attachment and a title, but, this is not really what is needed.
Use this command line parameter:
The template can contain some macros, but it doesn't to. It's just plain text.
When you append ;Send to the macro the message will be sent, so you don't need that.
Your contact might have configured TB such that any messages will be sent immediately, that can be altered at
Account -> properties -> Transport -> Delivery type
I hope this helps.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
Thank you very much.

Although I am in the USA, and my friend is in the Netherlands, we now have a solution that works. He can now use, click a single button, and he is dropped into BAT with a window open and the current document is a PDF attachment to the message!

Andrew Pitonyak
Here is a page about the command line:

Similar information is in the online help.
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