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Blue line in quoted text :(
The Bat is great software, but with new version comes "Blue line" in quoted text :( I try to turn of that line, but I can't. I try a lot of macros and templates.

Please, is there an option to turn of the line (and the table!) in HTML e-mails? I want standard quotes in HTML:
>> Text
>> Text
> Text
> Text

Thank you.
Options -> Preferences -> Viewer/Editor -> Reply to HTML in plain text
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
Sorry, but in HTML emails it doesn't work :-( (when I reply HTML email)
In Options > Preferences > Viewer/Editor > HTML/Windows Editor the quoted text is showed in bold and uses purple and maroon colors with ">" prefixes (by default) - that's the way I want it.

But when I make reply it just add ugly blue line.

Why is that?
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