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Want to place email into spam filter with one click
Is there a posibility to place a spammer with one click to a spamm filter that delets him next time automaticaly.

For example: is writing me spam. Now I want to click one button that all mails from are filtered next time.

Would be great for me.

Michael Janik
It's not one click, but press Ctrl-Shift-F when you've got that message selected, then you'll get a filter that sorts the selected sender to a dedicated folder, only thing to change is to make that 'Trash'.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
Well thanks for the hint. It is better than nothing. But I find it to much steps.

First step: crt + shift + f
Secound step: delete what is writen before the @ because spammers use all the time different email adresses. For example,, etc.
Third step: selecting trash folder

I find it to much.
I want one click or key combination and the senders email domain (@blabla) will be send to a predefined filter.

This would be very usefull I think. Not only for me. Would be great if somebody can write a mod.

Michael Janik
To tell you the truth, that stinks as an anti-spam measure. Spammers often use legitimate addresses from other people or domains that don't belong to them, so barring the domain could mean uou'd be losing legitimate mail.

Furthermore I think an anti-spam tool might give better results, either a plug-in for TB (like BayesIt or BayesFilter) or a pop3 proxy like K9.

When you'd really like your first solution, you could try a tool called PowerPro, that can program macros consisting of key/mouse sequences in any program that are triggered by hotkeys. I forgot the URL, so you got to google for it.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
Why not use Bayesit and add a "SPAM" button to tbe button bar. You can thennot only click the button to put the mail in spam, but you can even block select emails before sending them to the spam filter. Very convenient when you have a folder full of spam and you want to train the filter. Of course the same applies to marking emails as "good". Simply add the button for this. Easily done in the menu bar configureation..
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