OAuth Authentication for Gmail and Mail.Ru in Christmas Edition of The Bat!

Today, Ritlabs, SRL releases The Bat! v7.1.8 Christmas Edition with several new features, including OAuth authentication with Gmail and Mail.Ru, custom display names in the message list, and more. The developers of the email client have also increased the download speed for large numbers of messages in POP3 accounts, added many new features and improvements in RSS and EWS accounts, as well as in search, Inbox Analyzer and Mail Ticker.

The new version of The Bat! allows for authentication with Gmail and Mail.Ru accounts using the OAuth 2.0 protocol. This is a modern way to access these email accounts, because the passwords used to access them will not be stored in The Bat! configuration files, as they were previously.

While creating a new account for Gmail or Mail.Ru in The Bat!, the program will prompt users to sign in with their respective email service via a web browser window. Once the user has successfully signed in, The Bat! will be able to connect directly to Gmail or Mail.Ru to send and receive emails normally.

To configure OAuth for existing Gmail or Mail.Ru accounts in The Bat!, users should access the "Account -> Properties -> Transport -> Receive mail -> Authentication" menu, enable "OAUTH (using Web Browser)" and save changes. The Bat! will remove the password from the account and apply the modern authentication mechanism to send and receive messages.

Starting with The Bat! v7.1 it is possible to change the senders’ and recipients’ names displayed in the message list. By default, the program shows the name from the message header, i.e. the name that the sender used when he/she composed the email. Users can change the display name to their preferred one if they add this contact to the address book. Read more here.

Ritlabs, SRL has introduced many updates to the EWS protocol handling, and increased the overall program stability in this latest version. Click here for the entire list of changes.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

OAuth Authentication for Gmail and Mail.Ru in Christmas Edition of The Bat!