The Bat! v8.8.9 With Improvements to the MailTicker™

In The Bat! v8.8.9 we have implemented several new features. One of them is image cropping right there in the message HTML-editor window. You can paste an image into the text area of the email, invoke the popup menu and crop it to your likes. This is particularly helpful when making screenshots and sending them via email. Now you don’t need to use an additional tool to first crop the screenshot, save it and only then paste it into your email. So, take advantage of that feature and save time.

Next up is the MailTicker™, a specific all-time feature of The Bat! Email Client since its first version, seen nowhere else. It is a ticker-tape-style foreground window that notifies The Bat! users about new messages in an entertaining and continuously updating manner, even if the program is minimized and running in the background. It displays the sender, the recipient and the subject of the recently received messages. Depending on the settings, double-clicking on a message from the ticker will bring up all the messages set to display in the ticker in a virtual folder or focus to the individual message. In the new version of The Bat! you can also change the colors of the fonts used in the MailTicker™.

The Quick Search, which looked up for messages in the message list by sender, recipient, subject and memo, now searches in the "Tags" column as well.

We have also worked on improving The Bat!’s performance and stability, here you have the entire list of changes.

The Bat! v8.8.9 With Improvements to the MailTicker™