The Bat! v9.2.3 with OAuth for and Yandex

In the new version of The Bat! email program we have added the OAuth 2.0 authentication for and Yandex. This is a modern way to access these email accounts, because the passwords used to access them will not be stored in The Bat! configuration files, as they were previously.

While creating a new account for and Yandex in The Bat!, the program will prompt users to sign in with their respective email service via a web browser window. Once the user has successfully signed in, The Bat! will be able to connect directly to or Yandex to send and receive emails normally.

To configure OAuth for existing and Yandex accounts in The Bat!, users should access the "Account -> Properties -> Transport -> Receive mail -> Authentication" menu, enable "OAUTH (using Web Browser)" and save changes. The Bat! will remove the password from the account and apply the modern authentication mechanism to send and receive messages.

We have also made changes to the plain text editor and the HTML viewer, and made other improvements to enhance user experience. Click here for the entire list of changes.

The Bat! v9.2.3 download

The Bat! v9.2.3 with OAuth for and Yandex