New HTML Editor in The Bat! v9.4

The new version of The Bat! is released! The wait was worth it: The Bat! v9.4 comes out with a number of new features and fixes to enhance stability and improve overall user experience.

One of the most significant changes is the new HTML editor. No worries: the usual HTML formatting tools and toolbars are all there. The main improvement, which applies to the engine itself, is not visible to users, but will certainly be appreciated. The new HTML editor offers a much more pleasant experience: it is even possible to edit the HTML source code (see the “Tools” menu). Moreover, there is no need to switch to HTML editor manually anymore: if you apply a style or insert a picture into the message body in a plain text editor, The Bat! automatically switches to the HTML editor. The new editor comes out with the new Emoji, we hope you will enjoy them too!

Good news for those who use the MailTicker: it is now possible to snooze messages in the MailTicker for a certain period of time (15 minutes, 1 or 3 hours). We have also added the button to reset the default position of the MailTicker on the screen (see the “Options -> Preferences -> Message List -> Mail Ticker” menu).

There is also one new option to “Display HTML-related message parts as attachments”. If you disable it, such message parts like Messages.html file and inline images will no longer be displayed as attachments. We believe this is useful when there are many attached and inline images in one email.

Another improvement relates to the plain text message export: in The Bat! v9.4 such messages are exported by the filter action using UTF-8. We have also added a new macro %CHARSET=“...” for export action in the Sorting Office so that the users can define the needed character set.

We have fixed a number of program errors to make The Bat! even more reliable. There will be no unexpected application crashes anymore: we have optimized the loading of HTML and this did the trick. We have fixed issues related to the Quick Reply, message printing, picture viewer and added some new macros for replacing patterns.

The entire list of changes in The Bat! v9.4 is available here.

Download The Bat! v9.4