The Bat! v9.4.5 Halloween Edition

Knock! Knock! Who‘s there? The Bat! email client in its Halloween Edition!

Today we have released a special Halloween Edition of The Bat! The new version 9.4.5 includes several new features as well as a number of issue fixes.

The Bat! v9.4.5 features a new re-filtering option: you can now re-filter not only the current folder, but its subfolders or even a user-defined folder set. To check the new options, right-click a folder, select “Re-filter” (Ctrl+F) and disable the “Re-filter selected messages only” option - then the new tab “Folder(s)” will appear. Switch to it and define, which folders to re-filter.

Another new option is the possibility to reply to all with a Quick Template from a dropdown menu of the toolbar button.

Upon the request of The Bat! users we have also added the List-Id header into the standard message headers list.

We have updated the Certificate Address book to prevent errors with Let's Encrypt certificates used for TLS connections. We are continuously working on improving the new HTML editor and have fixed the issues related to image insertion and saving of the changes in the HTML source code of the templates.

In The Bat! v9.4.5 Halloween Edition we have added an improvement to make it possible to use alias addresses in the accounts with OAUTH authentication. And finally, S/MIME (.p7m) attachments are now displayed properly on the attachment pane.

The entire list of changes in available here.

To celebrate Halloween, we are running a sale now: you can purchase any license with 30% discount! The sale will last for the whole week and will end on November 2.

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Remember that if you purchase the license now, you will be eligible to take advantage of the Smart Upgrade - a free upgrade to The Bat! v10.

Download The Bat! v9.4.5 Halloween Edition

Have a bootiful Halloween!