The Bat! v10 is finally out!

No doubt, The Bat! has become an irreplaceable email client for a large number of users all over the world. We do always strive to ensure an effective and easy email management and that is why are continuously working on improving The Bat! functions and implementing new features.

Today is an important day for Ritlabs: we have released the new version of our email client – The Bat! v10!

The Bat! users have been waiting for this day for a long time, but we are now sure that the wait was worth it: The Bat! v10 features a brand new tool which will for sure help manage everyday business tasks more efficiently, and namely the Calendar.

The new calendar allows creating new events, adding attendees from address books and sending invitations to them, as well as accepting invitations from other correspondents. Thus, you can now inform your colleagues of the upcoming meetings in just several clicks. All you have to do is to open the Calendar in the Tools menu, select the needed day, put the cursor at the right time and click Advanced to adjust the event settings. In the General section you can add a description, specify the location, exact starting time and duration as well as set notifications of the event. If you switch to the Attendees section, you will be able to add the attendees of the event from your address books: once you finish creating the event, The Bat! will save the emails with invitations to these correspondents in the Outbox folder, and you can send them out when needed.

Not only sending out, but also receiving invitations from other correspondents is now possible in The Bat! - this is a new feature which was quite often requested by The Bat! users. We do always take into consideration users' requests and suggestions, that is why we have invested so much time and effort into the implementation of this new tool and we are sure it will meet your expectations. You will now be able to receive invitations in the .ics format and add them to your calendar in The Bat! v10: open the email with the invitation and press the Accept button to add the event to the Calendar.

Apart from the event invitations, the new calendar allows creating usual Scheduler tasks, which are familiar to The Bat! users (for example, sending and checking mail, creating and sending emails at a specified time, folder re-filtering, sending files, backup, etc.). It is possible to set the recurrence of the events in the Calendar as well.

Special attention should be paid to the modern neat interface of the Calendar. Each event is displayed as a separate block located at the specified time span. If you click on such block, a pop-up window with the event overview (date, time, attendees) will appear. You can easily increase or reduce the duration of the event by vertically moving the lower border of the clock. It is also possible to easily change the date of the event: just click and hold the event and drag it from one location in your calendar to another.

We plan to implement the support of the CalDAV protocol, which will allow synchronizing events with the server. The support of CalDAV will appear in one of the next The Bat! v10 versions.

Besides the new tool, The Bat! v10 features the renewed address book. We have updated the design of the address book and improved its ergonomics to increase communication speed between the user and the address book. It is even easier to add a number of emails address and phone numbers – their total number is not limited now as it was it the old interface. In the next v10 versions the users will even be able to add custom labels to email addresses and phone numbers (like, home or business, etc.). One more new feature: if you now add birthday in the properties of a contact, The Bat! creates an event with the notification in the new Calendar – this way you will never miss a birthday!

Another piece of good news: The Bat! v10 offers automatic update! It means that you will no longer need to download the installation files from All you need to do is access the Help → Check for Update menu. If a new version is available, you will see the list of changes and the Update button in the pop-up window. Click Update and The Bat! will update its program files in the background. At the end of the process you would need to restart the program – you can do it at once or later. A version of The Bat! without the autoupdate feature will also be available for download at our website.

The Bat! v10 includes a number of improvements and fixes as well. The entire list of changes is available here:

The Bat! v10 is the first version in the new series which means that the users of earlier versions need to purchase the upgrade to use the newest version.

Note! The users who purchased The Bat! license from June 1, 2021 onwards are eligible to take advantage of the free upgrade program – Smart Upgrade, which means that the upgrade to The Bat! v10 is free of charge for them! When the owner of such license starts The Bat! v10, a pop-up window will appear – the user would need to enter the email address that was used when he/she purchased The Bat! v9, and the program will send the request to our server for confirmation and the key update. The Bat! will automatically recognize the new key, and the user will also get an email with the new registration key.

If you purchased The Bat! v9 before June 1, 2021, you will not be able to participate in the Smart Upgrade program, however, you can purchase an upgrade with a 70% discount! If your license is valid for any older version, you can purchase the upgrade with a 50% discount!

The new development stage of The Bat! has started, there is more to come! We are looking forward to your feedback and suggestions on the new features!

Download The Bat! v10:

Purchase The Bat! v10 license:

P.S. How do you like the new The Bat! icon?