The Bat! v8.8 With Further Improvements

In order to maintain the high security standards of The Bat!, in version 8.8 we have made changes to the way the contents of the "Organization" header field are handled. From now on, if that header contains an "@" sign, parenthesis or an angle bracket, then it will not be displayed beside the sender's email address on the header pane. This way The Bat! users will not be tricked by disguised senders' addresses.

In the Message Finder (F7) we added a button to deselect the "Trash" folders across all accounts, so that these folders are omitted when searching through the entire database.

Users of the On-The-Fly-Encryption mode will appreciate the /DECRYPT_FILE_OTFE command line parameter, which allows decrypting a particular file and saving it to disk.

Synchronization of Google Contacts is working again. All it takes to use that handy feature is creating an address book and entering the credentials. See the setup guide for more information.

We have also made improvements in many other areas of the program. Please refer to the entire list of changes.

The Bat! v8.8 With Further Improvements