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How to switch from POP to IMAP (Google). What is the best way?

I want to switch from POP (my server) to IMAP (Google). What is the best way to do?

I'm currently using The Bat!

a) I think the best for using IMAP is to create a new account because I've read with The Bat it's not possible to switch although there are some extensions to IMAP for version 5. Right?

b) When I switch to version 5.0.18 - are there still major bugs to run into problems? Do I really need to switch to 5.0.18 now although there might be major bugs?

c) I've read that Google can ask my POP account on my server for new e-mails and also send out the replies/new mails via this account (@mydomain!). I can read/write the e-mails via IMAP in my work (that's the main reason for switching). Is this right and does it work?

d) I've > 10.000 emails in my POP account (local harddisc). How can I move them from my harddisc to the IMAP account (in The Bat!)? Will they be transfered back to the new IMAP Google account after I've moved them to the account? Does this happen also by moving a folder?

e) Should I switch to IMAP with and if all works upgrade to 5.0.18 or is it better to move to 5.0.18 before I switch to IMAP?

f) Does a sync work with the Google contacts or has some an idea how to handle that in the best way?

If anyone has some experiences it would be great. Of course - a full backup will be done before and reading from the accounts will be disabled during the switch.

I would try that all but I've to go swimming with my 3 year old son this hot day. ;-)

Thanks a lot,
You start with creating a ne account.
Over here v5.0.18 works fine with several imap accounts, including one gmail account.
I've got no experience with moving messages from a pop3 maccount to an imap account, but I've done that with seven imap accounts (we moved to a different server ad I did the message transferring for accounts with up to 4000 messages each)
Basiaclly it's a mattter of creating a new account, create the matching folders and move the mesages from one folder to to another. (Yes, you can sel ect all messages in a single folder at once)
I did this with a v5 beta some months ago.

I'll address the points you raise:
A) yes
B) the v5.0.18 problems I know of are with the mail ticker and virtual folders, I don't experience them (virtual folders are kind of useless with imap)
C) I've got no experience with this
D) No, you follow the procedure I described, don't move the messages.* files fr om the accounts pop3 accounts and imap accounts work a little bit different
E) Switch to v5 before you start with IMAP, in spite of everything you may have heard v5's IMAP runs rings around v4's
F) AFAIK no sync, you can export your TB contacts to gmail

Hope this helps
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
Thanks a lot! Just updated to 5.0.18 (btw: where is ?)
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