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Edit shortcut keys
The old version has the Edit shortcut keys on View, I want to buy the new version, but I can't find the Edit shortcut keys on version please advise. Thank you.
Use View - Toolbars - Customise - Shortcuts and double-click on the menu item to edit/create shortcut keys
This has always been one of my biggest frustrations with the bat.  To change my keyboard shortcuts I have to...  View > Toolbars?

Worse than that, I can never find it in the menu navigator.  I love that the bat has a menu navigator, but in this case it fails me.

Is it possible to embed some aliases for the Customize Toolbars command (by the way, a test just now for "customize" in the menu navigator doesn't turn up anything, either) so if I search for "hotkey" or "shortcut" it will turn up?

Even better, put something in the Preferences dialog that gets me to the Customize Toolbars dialog so I can edit my hotkeys.
Edited: Doug Porter - 04 October 2011 01:04:50
It's possible to customise toolbars and hotkeys?

I think there's something wrong with my installation.  I can view the toolbars, and see the various options, but I can't seem to do anything to them.
The menu navigator also doesn't seem to do anything.

I think it may be popping up invisible dialogues?  I got an odd message from one attempt to use the menu navigator: unable to focus a disabled window.
TheBat 9 totally missed edit keyboard shortcuts feature. And still not fixed. That's why I downgrade to 8.8.9 version.
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