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Out of Memory errors, Since several days, i get multiple "out of memory" splash screens and have to kill TheBat!
Since several days ago, when i paste an e-mail address (in cc field for example), i get an "out of memory error" splash screen, immediately after another one, and so on.
I have to kill TheBat! and lose everything.
I reinstalled wuth repair option, but no change.
Help please.
TheBat! 5.0.24
Edited: Christophe ANTOINE - 08 December 2011 10:38:18
Are you using an antispam plugin?
no such plugin
It only occurs when i paste an address in "to" "cc" or "hidden cc" field, or if i type the first letters (hoping TB will auto complete it, from last address used) -> out of memory error.

That's with my main account, i have another one and no error while doing same thing !?
That looks like something has gone corrupt in the config of your main account. Since it's causing problems when typing an address and the only specific file that's checked when you're doing that is the history file, I suggest that you rename the account.his file for yor main account to account.his.old (while TB is shut down)
TB stores its files in the mail directory and every account has its own subdirectory there. Those subdirectories have the same name as the account so the proper file should be easy to locate.
In case you don't know where to find your mail directory, you can find it by looking in TB: Options -> Preferences -> System -> Mail Directory
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
Thank you very much, it solved my issue.
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