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The Bat in the cloud
Hi, i want to know if i can configure the bat to access in a cloud or in a remote server where my folders are, thanks
Bat is mail client, I never heard that it can connect to something else.
I think he wants to move his mail folders to dropbox or similar and then tell The Bat that's where they are, both for reading existing mail and for downloading new mail (e.g. download fr om POP3 server and save to dropbox).

I don't use the cloud much yet but I think that's wh ere he's going. It would give access from multiple devices without storing locally.

If you can define a path to the location you want to use, something like Z:\somewhere\ then you can create directory that's called Z:\somewhere\mymail and use that as your mail directory (Options -> Preferences -> System -> Mail Directory)
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
"The Cloud".. Isn't that just data stored remotely in a data center ?  ;)

Access your email from any device without storing data locally.. Webmail ?
Just use IMAP accounts. Mail is 'In the Cloud', available to all clients and for the best you can keep local copies of the mail. Find it much better than using a webclient / webpage for working with mail.

IMAP Services: <- best imap server <- not bad imap free (web client is 'poor') <- not the best IMAP imho

Plus many more.

All these can gather your pop3 email into their account.
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