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Bugs with GMail / IMAP, failure to delete emails
Each time I delete a message from "All Mail" GMail IMAP folder, it keeps undeleting itself.

To reproduce the bug:
1. go to GMail - All Mail
2. delete a message
3. wait a few seconds
4. press ESC a few times - the delete message show up

Of course, Thunderbird works fine.
I get the same thing here - i have to go out and delete them from the web interface

I just reported it in the bug tracker
Cannot reproduce that.
I deleted some mails, opened my gmail account in my browser and they
were missing there too.

In case of problems with an imap account:
Close TB
Open your mail directory with the explorrer, locate the directory
matching with your imap account, in that directory you'll find a
directory called imap.
Your imap cache is located in that directory, delete all files in that
Most problems with regard to that imap account will be solved after
clearing the cache.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
I did that and the folder just repopulates as they are still on the website. I have tried compressing etc. and the problem persists in the "ALL MAIL" folder. SPAM and TRASH empty and compress correctly
I deleted the local IMAP cache - no luck. The problem seems related only with All Mail folder.
I think I found a workaround: when I delete an email, The Bat! uses the system Trash folder for that account. If I use the IMAP Trash folder, the email is deleted correctly.

Default, The Bat! creates and uses a system Trash folder. The IMAP account can be configured to use a different Trash folder, but I found no way to remove the system one.

Another (related) problem is the system Sent folder. When you send an email, it shows up in both system and IMAP sent folders.
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