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Automatic Spell-checking
I just upgraded to The Bat 3.0 and seem to have lost the important "check-as-you-type" spelling feature. Is there anything I can do to re-activate it?


I had some correspondence with Alexander Petrari of the Bat! tech support.

After suggesting that I install the international pack (with no result) the messages went something like this:

DWS>> How on earth do I turn the real-time spell checker on?

AP>> Under Spell Checker/Automatic checking.

DWS>>Not there!

AP>> Is there the SSCE5132.dll file present in The Bat! directory?

DWS> Yep, also installed the spell checker. Still no automatic checking.

AP>> Would you like to reinstall The Bat!? Also clean up the registry.

DWS>> No luck!

AP>> The problem has no effective medicine, unfortunately.

DWS>> Bugger!

The above might help. Let me know.



Thanks for your reply. Tried these suggestions at first to no avail, but successfully after manually unistalling all of The Bat files and registry entries except the Mail folder. I then performed a fresh installation. Automatic spell checking is now working!

One caveat, though. After the fresh install the system did not immediately recognize the accounts in my original Mail folder. I was forced to set up accounts with corresponding names. After exiting the program and returning, the accounts accurately updated themselves with the approriate subfolders and messages.


Yes, it worked. And I figured out why. It defaults back to the plain text (Microed) editor. When I used the plain text (Windows) - no auto spell. Strangely, it works OK on the HTML editor.

A bug, methinks.


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