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New 64bit The Bat ?
It's not me who is missing the point - we're discussing only the x64-bit on this thread - regardless of whether it's beta or stable.

When you came looking here for the x64-bit - you didn't specify beta or stable, either.

About the payment part, you can always start a new thread about that gripe - I'm just another user like you who paid for it.

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Windows 8.1 Pro (64-bit) | The Bat! Pro 6.1.4 | MailWasher Pro 7.3.0 (Beta)
I agree with all Andrei Arkhipov said in post # 25. All links to 64 bit version that Battie keeps posting do not work for me. I get a 404 - HTTP not found error on one browser and a "page can't be displayed" error in another browser. Something is wrong and Battie's statements do not add up. [Mod: DELETED UNACCEPTABLE PERSONAL ATTACK]. Does anyone know were the non-beta, 64 bit version of The Bat can be downloaded?
Sir - this is a USER to USER forum and Battie can help you a lot but he (and I) are just happy users and NOt Ritlabs.

64 bit is still in beta but is almost ready for prime time. There are a couple of bugs to fix and I am sure they will do that when they get back from their Christmas holiday (Christmas being tomorrow in the eastern calendar)

You could always join the beta list to test and contribute if you are so inclined  
The reason that old betas cannot be downloaded is that they're taken off line as soon as a newer beta is available.
As Rick states, it's always possible to join the beta list (a mailing list) and be notified as soon as a new beta is avaliable, this also enables you to discuss bugs you find in the betas.
More info about the beta list and the user discussion list about the regular versions can be found here

Currently the 64 bit version is still in beta and there's no stable version available.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
I have moderated this thread, which seems to have become something of a slanging match. Offending and offensive messages have been removed.

Please keep the dialogue on topic.
I don't get it. Folks, the 64 bit is still in Beta. Period. If you want to test it, join the beta test group. The links will disappear there too as now tests are released. I believe all of you would be welcome over there as long as the nastiness gets left at the door. Everyone gets along over there

One last thing: This is a user to user forum. Everyone in here subscribes so they can help others i.e volunteers and NOT Ritlabs which does not monitor everything in here. Please keep it in mind as your frustration is wasted; anyone getting abuse is free to leave you flopping without an answer that they otherwise could have provide
You are right that 64-bit version is not yet available. It is being developed, and is getting better and better, but not that good for being released.
You can now download the 64-bit version of The Bat! from the regular download page
You can download the 64-bit version of The Bat! from
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