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Can type size be increased in the message viewer?
Sometimes I get messages that appear with minuscule type that is hard to read.  Is there a way to zoom up the type sizes in a received message?

The problem with an example weekly upd ate that I get is that in its HTML code the "font-size" is se t to "12 px" (12 pixels), which is equivalent to 9 point type.  TheBat renders this type size as quite small, and practically unreadable even with when using reading glasses.  

I have also tried reading these messages in the text tab, but they are not adequately formatted for that to work well.

I hope is a zoom feature that I haven't found; but if not it is a feature that should be added to TheBat!
Go to OPTIONS / Viewer Editor profiles and create a profile with whatever character set(s) you want to use
Then (still in options) go up one step to Viewer editor profiles and adjust the text one section at a time until you get it the way you like it.
Then next time you get the tiny type you can just change to the one with the larger body text. Then next time you get a message open it and go to VIEW / PROFILES and grab the one you made  
Thanks, Rick.  I just found a better way.

Open a message.  Right click the toolbar.  In the left pane of the customizer click Standard.  The right pane now shows the Viewer toolbar.

In the middle pane, open All Actions, the the Message View sub-item.  Scroll down to the Zoom-in and Zoom-out items.

However, there is a bug in version-6 which, when the toolbar is edited, causes the order to of the intended tools to be scrambled.  But these zoom in and out tools do change the font size in messages, in small increments.
That is a good way - Thanks - now to see if it survives a restart (I have had trouble losing shortcuts in v6 after restarting the Bat)

I am not getting a scrambling of toolbar order (yet) on windows 8.1
It is surprising to me that the zoom tools aren't on the default toolbar.   As it is, it takes a very deep dive to find them -- I don't find the customize menu at all intuitive, and the help file for it apparently has never existed (I get "Missing context help topic 11027").

I finally got the toolbar I wanted, but it took about 20 tries before the scrambling finally worked in my favor.

Using Win-7 Pro 64-bit (with the 32-bit TheBat, v-6.1.4 (and same problem with 6.1.2).
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