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Is The Bat a joke?
Dear RITlabs guys. Is The Bat some kind of a joke? I stop testing this program after month without any answer from anyone about bugs. Forum here is only for people who want to complains but RITlabs doesn't care. It's "just user forum" so The Bat programmers don't even bother answering us, potential future customers. Come on! I can give link to few posts here without any answer! Do you really prefer to wait until someone buy this program and THEN gives him answers like "sorry, use this program as is, we don't want to fix any bugs"?

My questions are:

1. Why The Bat is so slow sending emails with big attachments?
2. Why new version has different way to display menus?
3. Why filters are still unfixed and there are problem if there is too many conditions?
4. Why HTML editor is so crappy?
5. Why quote in HTML editor is not like in other programs and some of them cannot display HTML quote from TheBat proper? (no blue line visible)?
6. Why installer doesn't care about current installation directory?

etc. etc.
Nawet jak kupisz program ktory nie dziala poprawnie - i tak brak reakcji ze strony producenta na pytania .
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