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Is there a "filter report" or similar comparing to Eudora?
Hi, prospective Bat user here.  I am planning on importing my accounts from Eudora, and use a LOT of separate mailboxes/folders and filters.

Eudora has a very useful feature called "Filter report" that can keep a dialog open showing which folders have received new unread messages.  Does The Bat have a similar feature?  Does the MailTicker perform this function?

Thanks for your response!
The worst thing if you have plans to import, is that every attachment will be attached again into message body. The Bat has option to detach attachment while receiving, but this option works ONLY for new emails, not for import. So my advice is to rename attachment directory first and then import only emails (and leave Eudora as archive). Otherwise import thousand of emails will slow down your The Bat (because search will be much slower if message boxes will be huge).

And about filter report - I don't think so. I am Eudora user too and I still wait for lot of missing things before I'll decide to buy this product.

And do not expect answer from anyone from Ritlabs here - it's impossible, they have sooo many things to do, so they do not want to answer potential customers. :P
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I don't use the mail ticker, but that will do it. The Bat! Has Virtual and Common Virtual folders. I have one set up to look at all the trash folder in every account. You can easily set one up to look at all inboxes and show only unread messages if you so wish. There is also a tab on the lower left called "unread" that will show you all accounts that have unread messages in them and you can from there go to them directly. I virtual folder will always reply with the correct account credentials. I use a common inbox virtual folder which has an unread tab for filtering, but you could easily make it only show unreads CAVEAT: If you add an account after creating the VF, you will have to manually add it into what the folder watches, but that can be done after you create the account by selecting "WATCHED BY" in the account folder
Play with it a bit and you will see how powerful and flexible this is
Thanks, Rick and Frank, for those helpful responses!

Anyone else have advice or an opinion?
jaime hokanson wrote:
Thanks, Rick and Frank, for those helpful responses!

Anyone else have advice or an opinion?
Any option that relies on Read and Unread is hokey-dokey. I have lots of forum mail where I do not care much whether it is read or not.

It would be good for TheBat! to try to emulate the Eudora Filter Report. Fr om a programming standpoint it should be fairly straightforward. since it is simply a type of online log.  What it does for the user is show what is happening on the Inbox, or on a specific manual filter.  It is not critical, and not everyone will use it, but it is an excellent feature.

As a simple example, you can run a download of mail, look at wh ere everything went, and quickly tell if your filters sent mail to a place that you did not expect for download.
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Ok, I just learned about the report from clicking on the ticker. Which goes to the account log.

Since that is excellent for trouble-shooting, I can understand not giving the Eudora type of report as well.
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