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Folders/Virtual Folders
I am trying to move from Thunderbird over to The Bat.  What is the difference between Folders and Virtual Folders.  I want to set up a filter to move incoming messages from the inbox to a folder.  Would I use Folders or Virtual Folders?  I don't want the message to remain in the inbox.  Thank you.
I think a Folder is a permanent folder in TheBat but Virtuals are intended to be folders that only read other permanent folders.  I think you'd want to create a new Folder, not a Virtual folder.
Thank you for your quick answer.  I have now created two folders that I want certain mail filtered into when it comes in.
You can also go to Account / Sorting Filters and create filters to actually do things to the message (move / copy, mark unread / send to someone else etc) you will also want to use a real (not Virtual) folder. I am in several Yahoo groups and I filter all the incoming mail from my groupmail account to respective folders. I send ebooks to a private address book group and use a filter to mark it as a book and send it to that group with a configured hot key)

I'll give you one shortcut to try. If you have someone in your inbox many times, hold down ALT while you click their name. Instantly all you see is matching messages - hit escape to go back to the full list. That will work on other column data too such as attachments - alt click on an attachment icon and you will see a list of all messages in that folder with attachments
Wow, that is pretty cool.   The more I learn about this program, the better I like it.  Thanks for the tip.
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