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Copy to folder on sending, how to copy an outgoing message to a particular folder
Is there a way to choose to copy a message I am sending to a particular folder.  I know a copy goes in the "sent" folder, but there are times when I want it to go to another folder I have already set up.  In another email program I used, there was an option to click on that said "send a copy to folder" and I could choose which folder before I sent the email and a copy would go into that folder.  I hope I am not being too confusing.
CONTROL V will let you move a message manually. If you want to do it automatically got to ACCOUNT / Sorting Office/Filter and set the criteria and the folder where you want it moved.
If there is no constant criteria, go to the middle (options) tab and set it to do whatever you want with a Hot key. I forward ebooks to a list and I just highlight the messages, hit the hotkey and they are marked and sent all at once.
I don't want to move already received messages.  In Thunderbird when I was writing a message, either a new message or reply to a message, I had the option to copy my reply to any folder I chose.  It was a menu item that I could right click and say "copy to folder" and when I hit the "send" button, a copy was automatically sent to the folder of choice.  That is what I am looking for.  I have filters set up to move incoming messages to folders already.  I want to be able to send a copy of my response on a message by message basis.  
You can do that - go to the sorting office and set it up under "replied messages" and make it as simple or complex as you need
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