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autobackup, set "every day", but not working, autobackup 7 days old

just checked: autobackup goes to external HD, its configured to autobackup every day,
but I see backup.TBK (1.6GB)  is 7 days old.

what could be reason?


Just a guess ... are you doing a full backup each day or an incremental? It may be trying to create the file and failing as it is already there,

A free piece of advice - use something else to back up. Bat backups have a nasty habit of corrupting all too often and you do not find out until you NEED the backup. I use always sync to backup the entire folder and hold changes for x number of days, but there are others out there. The zip / rar utilities can do an excellent job and if you run them from a batch file, you can also export the RIT registry key as part of the backup  
Good idea about exporting the registry settings.

I backup TB using a special profile in my backup program which backs up to .zip files.  I keep at least 3 backups on my computer just in case one or two fail but also keep 6 copies on an external hard drive.

Not that I'm paranoid or anything, but I also do a full computer image backup once a month and keep 3 copies.

I also use MailStore Home to backup up my web based mail to my computer (even though I use POP on my computer).

Maybe I've gone a little over-board  :-) ?
It is only overkill until you NEED the backup :D The last thing I do at night is run the maintenance center, then back up the data folder to another drive I have winzip set to run in the middle of the night
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