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Change incoming mail properties
I want to group all letters from IBM (different managers, different addresses) under one sender name, for the purpose of grouping incoming email. How do I do that? Bat version 3.65.
I don't remember much of v3 but you should be able to build a filter to shoot them all into one folder then set the folder template to what you want including the account and name that you want to use in a reply
I am not an advanced thebat user and have never used templates deliberately. I know that %TOfname has a special meaning in outgoing email, but my intention is not to answer email. Rather, read IBM letters grouped in one folder INBOX, differentially from bank letters. For this, I assume, I have to somehow change the FROM field Ted Burns <> ==>  IBM <> Tim Ash <> ==>  IBM <>
A fork in the road here ...
If you want to read messages that are in several folders use a virtual folder. (I have a common trash folder from which I delete the trash in all accounts from that folder)
You can filter the messages as they come in to different folders according to criteria you set up
You can also create a TAB below the message list that will filter the folder by criteria you set (If you want a lot of these they can get cumbersome and filtering to folders might be better)
If you want to try some quick filtering (and see if this is enough) hold down ALT and click one of the fields on the message list (name, subject. from etc) and see if that will do it. (Hit escape to get back to the full list)  
I would create an address group IBM in the address book and add all IBM contacts to that group.
Next I'd create a filter that moves incoming mail to a dedicated folder based on the address group.
Whenever I do that, I also create an outgoing filter that moves outgoing messages to members of that same address group to the same folder.
That way you keep your complete correspondence to that group in the same folder.
As view mode forsuch a folder I generally set threaded view, base on references, so I've got the threads sorted too.
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