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Selecting single manual filter to activate
Is there a way to run a single selected filter manually?

I have a number of manual filters and a couple that I would like to run manually only but the Re-filter screen doesn't seem to be able to select a specific manual filter but rather all manual filters.
Add a hot key to the filter on the options tab
Thanks. I've done that with most but then have to remember the hotkey for it, although F6 is a work around.

I was hoping there was some way the Re-Filter menu would be able to run a specific filter from the menu. Guess not.

And finding a hotkey combination can be a trial. While a hotkey may not be used in TB, it seems all the ones I want to assign are use by a couple other programs that run in the system tray.
I have things like CONTROL ALT ]
Try CONTROL ALT and the F keys
Thanks Rick.  Good idea.
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