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Removing Quick Search Box
How can I remove the Quick Search Box from the header area of incoming emails?  It is hiding some of the names in the CC section and I can't figure out how to get rid of it.  Thank you.
right button with mouse on the menu area and unselect "quick search"
Quick Search is not selected.  I've tried that.
What version are you using? I remember that briefly in early v6 betas that was quickly fixed

If you want to TRY something first - go into the data directory and look for TBUSER.DEF and with the Bat closed, rename it.
  1. That will fix it and in that case you have to redo any customizations such as toolbars and keyboard shortcuts
  2. It WON'T fix it and in that case close the Bat and delete the newly created TBUSER.DEF and rename the old one back
I am using version 6.4.2.  
If I rename the user def. file, will all of my folders and message columns setup have to be redone also?  
Try it. just rename it and restart the bat. You can always shut it down and rename the file back
It creates a new TBUSER.DEF file. You will keep all your folders but I am not sure about the column settings
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