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dual everything, Restores two of everything
I've just installed TB on a new 64bit PC which has Windows 8.I have 4 accounts and after the restore I now have two of everything in these accounts Inbox's folders etc.When I delete a duplicate folder it also removes the messages from the other folder.It was working perfectly on my Old PC with Windows 7.Hope this makes sense.
How did you restore your config to the new PC?
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
After I reinstalled TB I used a previously saved backup to put my Data back.
I got around the problem of having duplicate folders.When I right click and sel ect delete in the Dialogue box that appears I select 'Leave Message base files intact'.
This doesn't solve my problem of restoring a previous backup file but at least I'm down too just the one set of folders in each account.I thought I could just delete the duplicate folders but that also removes the messages fr om within the  folders that are left.
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