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How to deny the list pane when reading messages? (v-6.4), reader
I just updated to version 6.4, and am surprised to the message reader split into two panes, with part of the message list displayed above the message I am reading.

I wish to permanently turn off this list pane; however, I can't find any way to do that in the Preferences. How can I do this?  I get big messages, and need full screen for them, as in prior versions.
I found the method in another post.   Open a message, click View, click Message List, click Hide in the pop-up.

When defaults are changed, it sure would be nice if a note on how to undo the change were posted in the What's New file.
Sometimes it isn't a change but a glitch that happened when you updated (nothing you did!) I haven't experienced that one except with a fresh, total reinstall.

I had one: TWO From fields and only one of them was the correct one to change (should I have the need to do that) I was about to fill out a support ticket and it fixed itself. No one else on the beta list had reported it so it was probably just me. Go figure :D
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