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Questions about version 6.5
I have just installed version Professional version 6.5. However, before registering I have a questions.
Liking a clean interface:

Is it possible to permanently get rid of  the clutter of Options links (or whatever they are) in the right hand panel? There are options to "Hide" various things but I'd like a completely clean pane.
If you are talking about the toolbars with a "standard", "configuration" and perhaps "quick search" , just right click in the area and uncheck the ones you don't want. In the bat it is possible to delete everything including the menu and start again. To do so would be a very BAD idea, but it can be done
Hi Rick, many thanks for your reply. However, that wasn't quite what I meant.
Upon opening The Bat!, you're greeted with 3 panes: left pane which contains your list of email accounts, right pane which contains what appears to be configuration options and a bottom 'message preview' pane.

The right pane, in older versions, used to be clear on startup and it's that I'd like to get back to -rather than have all those configuration options.
Ok I think I understand. First, if you want to change the 3 panel layout it is WORKSPACE / WINDOWS SPLIT MODE, but I don't think that is the issue
It the top right window has configurations and not a list of email, there are tabs below that particular window and you probably have the information tab selected. Just change it to the ALL tab and you should be good to go
Hi Rick.
Unfortunately your solution worked only temporarily. Upon opening The Bat!, the default is the ALL tab and the configurations in the right pane show. Switching to the Information tab and then back to ALL does get rid of the configuration options.... until you close The Bat! Once The Bat! is closed and then reopened, it's back to square one :(

I think I've solved it. By *closing* the Information tab (I hadn't seen the small X until now), that seems to solve the problem and applies for all email accounts - even after closing and reopening The Bat!

Very many thanks for your help :)
Edited: Lucht Siuil - 26 July 2014 21:19:25
I have had odd problems that fixed themselves eventually Try opening the information tab, going to the ALL tab then running FOLDERS /  maintenance center. When that finished, and if you don't run it regularly it may take a while, close the bat and make sure you let it totally close (not remaining in memory)

Then restart and see if that does it. I am not saying this IS THE ANSWER, but that can cure a lot of ills  
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